Hear Of and Hear About

What is the difference between hear of and hear about?

When we hear of something, we are learning about it for the first time. When we hear about something, we know what the thing is, but we are now learning new information about it.

And now for some examples:

Hear of
Person 1: Have you heard of Kim Jong Un?
Person 2: No, who is she?
Person 1: He. He’s the leader of North Korea.
Person 2: Why does he have a girl’s name?
Person 1: Kim is actually the last name. His first name is Jong-Un. It means baby-faced man-child.

Hear about
Person 1: Did you hear about Kim Kardashian?
Person 2: No, what has she done now?
Person 1: Well, I heard she just got silicone butt implants to make her butt bigger.
Person 2: Why?
Person 1: So that if she crashes into the sea she can use her butt as a flotation device.
Person 2: Can’t she just wear a life jacket?
Person 1: I don’t think they make designer life jackets.

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